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July 2020

The July issue of World Pipelines includes a regional report on China and technical articles on repair and rehabilitation. The issue also includes the annual Pigging Services Directory and two articles on digitalisation for the pipeline sector.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Allan Edwards

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Pressing pause on China's pipelines
Dr. Hooman Peimani assesses the impact of the global decrease in energy demand on China’s midstream sector.

Suited for the occasion
Tammy Bomia and Davie Peguero PE, CSNRI, USA.

Repair and restoration
R.J. Labrador, Polyguard Products, USA.

A subsea revolution
Frank Lennon, Cathx Ocean, Ireland.

Pigging Services Directory

The digital evolution
Dr Paul Eastwood, SRJ Technologies, UK.

The face of the future
Peter Davis, TouchstoneEnergy, UK.

A test of strength
Olivia Akkerman, VerdErg Pipe Technology, UK.

A leap in leak detection
Harry Smith, Atmos International, UK.

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