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July 2012

July is bursting with pipeline construction articles: Volvo, Trencor and PipeLine Machinery International write about heavy-duty pipeline equipment; whilst Allu, Wordwide Machinery and Ko-Mats discuss pipeline padding operations. In addition to this, we have articles on servicing pipelines, intelligent pigs and process instruments. And two regional reports should interest anyone with an eye to India.

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Choosing sides
With its economy sinking under the weight of high energy costs, supply uncertainties and ripple effects of the Eurozone crisis, Ng Weng Hoong investigates India’s energy prospects and future plans.

Dedicated to the nation
Sachin Desai, Essar Projects, India.

Always on call
Matthew Albright, Product Manager – Inverter Welders, The Lincoln Electric Company, USA.

Overcoming obstacles
Kent Cornelius, Vice President, Major Projects Execution, Enbridge Pipelines, Canada.

All onboard!
Paolo Zani, Sales Director, and Andrea Arrighetti, Technical Director, Remazel Engineering, Italy.

Servicing Siberia
Derrick Butterfield, Volvo Construction Equipment, Germany.

In the jaws of the machine
Max Johnson, Trencor, USA.

Pipelayer à la mode
Dawn Rivera and Sherry Ghettis, PipeLine Machinery International, USA.

Breaking up backfill
Marjut Lindroos, ALLU, Finland.

Not just filler
Rick Layh, Vice President, Worldwide Machinery, USA.

Roll out the red carpet
A. Oude Hengel, Commercial Director, KO-MATS, Germany.

Seeing is believing
Iain Weir-Jones, President of Weir-Jones Engineering Consultants Ltd, Canada.

Metering measures up
Craig Marshall, Project Engineer at NEL – part of the TÜV SÜD Group, UK.

Case studies in pre-inspection cleaning
Lucy Lingard and Gavin West, Project Managers at PipeLine Engineering & Supply Co. Ltd, UK.

Working with the stream
Dirk Scharenberg, Hoelscher Wasserbau, Germany.

Down to the last detail
Scott Coats, President, Precision Pigging LLC, USA.

Sniffing out the sulphur
Richard Shehab, Vicki Luckie and Jim Keasbey, AMETEK – Process & Analytical Instruments Division, USA.

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