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February 2010

The February issue considers the importance of regulations and standards in the pipeline industry: with articles on new regulations for non-shielding coatings; regulating composite pipeline repairs; ATEX compliant cleaning tools and accessories; and specifications for internal field joint coatings. The regional report looks at the ways in which the Caspian region is developing its pipeline infrastructure – and in which directions it is sending its energy supplies. In addition, Telvent describes modernising Istanbul’s gas distribution with SCADA, and Clough talks us through upgrading its Java Constructor pipelay vessel.

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Eurasian expansion
Dr. Robert M. Cutler talks about developments in Eurasian gas pipelines in 2009, with a focus on Turkmenistan’s gas reserves and current pipeline projects in the region.

New capabilities for the Java Constructor
Kristy McGrath, Clough, Australia, discusses upgrading the company’s derrick pipelay barge: the Java Constructor.

In Istanbul: modernising gas distribution
Feza Saraçoglu, Telvent, Turkey, discusses how advanced information management can help providers achieve real-time network monitoring, control, and business responsiveness.

Correcting CIPS surveys
Peter Nicholson, Cathodic Technology Limited, Canada, discusses correcting CIPS surveys for stray and telluric current interference.

Heading to new frontiers
Philip Irwin, AMETEK Solidstate Controls, USA, discusses how Kalingradgazavtomika (KGA) has partnered with US-based AMETEK Solidstate Controls to develop an advanced cathodic protection system that meets the corrosion challenges faced by Russia’s rapidly expanding natural gas network.

Non-shielding coatings: new regulations
Richard Norsworthy, Polyguard Products, Inc., USA, discusses new US regulations which are calling for the use of non-shielding coating systems.

The need for CP retrofit
Rodrigo J. Himiob, Deepwater Corrosion Services, Inc, USA, discusses monitoring and cathodic protection life extension of offshore pipelines.

Regulating composite pipeline repairs
Matt Green, Citadel Technologies Inc., USA, discusses the applicablility of composite repairs and the regulation and standardisation occurring across the industry.

The case for compliance
Judith Weigold, Gunther Blitz and Michael Magerstaedt, ROPLAST, Germany, discuss ATEX compliant cleaning tools and accessories.

Corrosion: at the frontline
Jim Costain, GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies, USA, discusses advances in non-destructive corrosion inspection.

The inside story
James A. Huggins, CRTS, Inc., USA, asks “what is important about internal field joint coating?”

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