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December 2022

The December issue of World Pipelines includes articles on pipeline flow, pipe handling equipment and network communication. Read the issue for insight into the changing cybersecurity landscape, the future of unmanned monitoring, pipeline isolation case studies and the detection of weld defects.

This month's front cover is brought to you by 3X Engineering.

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Keep the ball rolling
Chris Grove, Director of Cybersecurity Strategy, Nozomi Networks, USA, shares some advice for moving the cybersecurity ball forward, with the goal of being better positioned to accommodate changing regulations.

Embracing the measurement economy
Pauline Morrice, Senior Communications Advisor, UK and Steve Kemp, Senior Director of Customer Success, Project Canary, USA, consider why the measurement economy is changing the methane emissions game.

Machine learning models
Dr Yanfeng Liang, TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory.

Unmanned: the future of monitoring?
Richard Hjelmberg, UMS SKELDAR, Sweden.

Flow balancing
Tommi Bergman, Manager of Engineering Analysis and Taija Hämäläinen, Director of Butterfly Valves, Valmet, Finland.

No moving forward without it
Rolf Gunnar Lie, T.D. Williamson, Asia Pacific.

Communicating across networks
Steve Hill, Emerson, USA.

Prolonging the life of assets
Jim Bramlett, Tracerco, USA.

Dedicated to the task
Mitch Fedie, Pettibone/Traverse Lift LLC, USA.

Detecting weld defects
Cameron Serles, President, Xiris Automation Inc., Canada.

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