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December 2021

The December issue features a global roundup of pipeline activity, technical articles on HDD, pipeline isolation and coatings, and a feature on digitalisation. Westwood Global Energy Group also provides a forecast for the global onshore pipeline installation market.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Europipeline Equipment.

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Included in the December issue:
The Coatings and Corrosion supplement - view your free issue here.

2021: a year of ups and downs
With the world showing signs of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, the midstream industry is looking forward to new developments and projects. However, a plethora of economic, environmental and political challenges remain, as Dr Hooman Peimani explores.

Installation: on the up?
Ben Wilby and Arindam Das, Westwood Global Energy Group, UK.

Synergising pipeline integrity
Tony Alfano, Pipeline Product Line Director, DNV.

Machine learning: a new partnership
Steve Roberts and Rob Roberts, Opportune LLP.

Getting directly from point A to point B
Joachim Engelhardt, Product Manager Direct Pipe, Herrenknecht, Germany.

Pipeline integrity: price at the cost of safety?
Robert Colton, Director of Product Management at GPT Industries, USA.

More remote, more control
Gary Anderson, T.D. Williamson.

Green solutions for corrosion
Jonathan Wylde, Global Head of Innovation, and Nihal Obeyesekere, Head of Global Innovation Integrity Management, Clariant Oil and Mining Services.

Future-proofing our pipelines
Phil Bogdanovich, CEO of Cipher Skin, USA.

Improving pump efficiency
Marek Lukaszczyk, European and Middle East Marketing Manager at WEG.

Setting sight on the Middle East
Cheryl Gondek, Aquasol Corporation, USA.

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