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December 2018

The December issue includes an informative global round up of the pipeline industry this year; technical articles on turbomachinery, trenchless technology and preventing pipeline failure, as well as a pipeline machinery review with an emphasis on safety.

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2018: a turbulent 365 days
With the likes of regulatory approvals, environmental opposition, project expansions and trade wars, the global pipeline industry has battled a year of fluctuating uncertainty. Dr. Hooman Peimani sheds light on 2018’s major pipeline projects and the future direction of these developments.

Are we ready for an export boom?
Richard Murphy, Allegro Development, USA.

Digital disruption key to improving integrity
Tim Eyles, Acteon Group, UK.

Go with the flow
John Nonemaker and Tom Steinvoorte (Netherlands) and Christopher Woodley (UK), ROSEN Group.

Pipeline leaks: yesterday’s news?
Meade Lewis, mIQroTech, USA.

The evolution of coatings
Jim Banach, Consultant to SPC, Canada.

Insulation innovation
Mark Luby, Rosehill Polymers, UK.

Signed, sealed, delivered
Gemma Smith, Haydale, UK.

No need for a trench
Joachim Engelhardt, Herrenknecht, Germany.

It's a risky business
Aaron Kline, Oceaneering, USA.

Ultrasonic beams of information
Dominic Giguere, Zetec, Canada.

The case for compressor improvement
Magnus Terner, HOERBIGER Wien GmbH, Austria.

Masterful magnets
Jérémy Lepelley, SKF, France.

Meeting the digital twin
Lawrence Youngblood and Jillian Tanner, OptiRamp, USA.

A new kind of compressor
Steve Lindsey, CEO & Founder of Lontra, UK.

The right way at the right-of-way
Martijn Bayens and Jacco Vervoort, Dhatec, Netherlands.

Pipeline machinery review
Featuring Mattracks and CASE Construction Equipment.

Next issue: January 2019

Intelligent pigs
Pipeline steels
Servicing pipelines
Coatings and linings
Leak detection
Welding Q&A
Process instruments
Pipeline machinery review

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