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August 2010

The August issue includes in-depth technical articles on inline inspection, horizontal directional drilling, welding case studies and corrosion control. The annual Contractors’ Directory showcases key international pipeline contractors and their recent operations, onshore and offshore. We also present an update on pipelaying for the Nord Stream project; and a report on the carbon footprint of the North American pipeline network.

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Politics and pipelines
Dr. Hooman Peimani explains the politics behind some of the world’s most important current pipeline projects and explores the relationship between Russia and the West.

Treading lightly
Gordon Cope examines the carbon footprint of North America’s pipeline network.

Contractors’ directory
Arc Energy, Bredero Shaw, GHIZZONI SpA., Gulf Interstate Engineering, Jee, Land & Marine, Leighton International, McDermott, Mears HDD, Murphy Pipelines, Nacap, Platipus, Raydne IHWT, SICIM SpA, Stroygazconsulting LLC (SGC).

Crossing Le Havre
Denis Pellerin and François Gandard, HDI, France.

Complex crossing
Luurd van der Leest, Nacap, the Netherlands.

No river too wide, no mountain too high, no rock too tough
Randy Happel, on behalf of Wayne Holden & Company, USA.

A teaspoon or a shovel?
Glen Liford, Astec Underground/Trencor, USA.

Going green
Paul Waanders, International Sales Manager, Maats Pipeline Equipment, the Netherlands.

Stepping up to the challenge
Giorgio Dondi, Business & Development Manager, GHIZZONI SpA, Italy.

Europe’s longest underwater pipeline takes shape
Ruurd Hoekstra, Deputy Director for Construction, Nord Stream.

Detecting expanded pipe
Jed Ludlow, Rob Richmond and Phil Tisovec, T.D. Williamson, Inc., USA.

Another industry first
Jeff Harris, ROSEN USA, Tim Keller, El Paso Pipeline Group, USA and Carlos E. Sabido Ponce, ROSEN Technology & Research Center, Germany.

Locating lost pigs
Matt Wilson, Global Subsea Development Manager, Tracerco.

Verification is key
Mark Stone, Integrity Support Services Manager, Sonomatic.

Breeding confidence
Mark McMinn, Alliance Pipeline Inc., Shamus McDonnell, Hunter McDonnell Pipeline Services, Inc. and Gord Parker, Spectrum External Line Inspection Technologies Inc.

Innovative inspection
Dennis Janda, Baker Hughes Incorporated, USA.

Cathodic protection monitoring in deep or remote locations
Richard Holt, Technical Consultant at Subspection Ltd, an iicorr company.

Progressive protection
Ing. S. Hofstee, VP & International Sales, STOPAQ B.V., the Netherlands.

Surface treatments
I.I. Velijulin, DOAO ‘Orgenergogaz’; V.V. Bashenko, St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University; and D.V. Shishkov, OSBORN.

Protecting the world’s pipelines
Alec Owen, Future Fibre Technologies, Australia.

Are we covered?
Bob Moore, Managing Director, Swiftpipe Ltd, UK.

Insurance assurance
Ian Fraser, Development Director, GL Noble Denton, UK.

Pipelayer specifics
Worldwide Machinery, USA.

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