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April 2019

The April issue includes a regional report on pipeline activity in the Gulf of Mexico, along with articles on offshore welding, hydrotesting and flow control. The offshore technology review looks at a few pipeline companies active offshore around the world and we also cover safety and security in this issue.

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Clear sailing
Gordon Cope addresses the Gulf of Mexico and how the economic outlook for the region’s oil and gas sector is clear and balmy.

Breaking records below the sea
Michael Boubli, Manager, Rigid Pipeline Engineering (Norway) and Karen McKerrow, Subsea Project Manager (USA), TechnipFMC.

Emerging from the desert
Guido Bonfanti, Sicim S.p.A, Italy.

East Med's quest for leadership
Eric Han, US EIA, USA.

Offshore technology review

Driving advances in welding
Dr Richard Jones, Subsea 7.

Real-time defect detection
Cameron Serles, Xiris Automation, Canada.

Run by robots
Sean Haberer, Novarc Technologies, Canada.

Cycles for signs of life
Colton Sheets, Stress Engineering, USA.

An accurate isolation
Tim Hurley, GPT Industries, USA.

Enhanced closure as standard
Chuck Harris, T.D. Williamson, USA.

How to handle hydrates
Nathan Wolford, C-Innovation, USA.

Practical experience in corrosion
Frances Bradfield, MetriCorr, Denmark, on behalf of CEOCOR.

Pipe down!
Arne Berndt, SoundPLAN International, USA.

Next issue: May 2019

Canada regional report
Field joint coatings
Remote sensing
Trenchless technology
Corrosion protection
Welding technologies
Pipeline machinery review

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