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December 2018

The December issue begins by taking a look at the state of the global upstream industry and considers the outlook for 2019. The issue then moves on to discuss various topics, including: well control, drilling optimisation, cementing, hydraulic fracturing, oilfield chemicals, artificial lift, riser design, and oilfield tubulars.

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World news

The bigger picture
Oilfield Technology Correspondent, Gordon Cope, reports on the global upstream outlook for 2019.

Controlling costly contamination
Nicole Mikic, Halliburton, explains how solids control and cuttings handling impact on the total cost of well construction.

Getting in the zone
Matt Meiners, Enventure Global Technology, USA, explores how advancements in expandable liners are helping to improve zonal isolations when refracturing.

This feature showcases technologies designed to handle the harshest conditions faced by the global oil and gas industry. Contribution come from:

Magma Global – Misplaced pride in complexity –Tony Duncan, USA, considers smaller, simpler and more cost-effective options for age old industry problems.

ITC Global – Enhancing critical connectivity – Sanjay Singam, USA, explores the significance of optimising mission critical data transfers and enabling digitisation in remote offshore environments.

A force against nature
Lawrence Lai, Trelleborg Offshore, explores new developments to improve the efficiency of drill riser systems in cases of harsh weather conditions.

Prioritising surface safety
Roel Hooiveld, NOV, The Netherlands, discusses the importance of maintaining surface safety valves in producing wells.

Taking the plunge
Chris Velasquez, Apergy, USA, examines key ways to improve production in horizontal wells.

Perfecting pipe protection
Mike Huber and Steve Stefancic, Hardbanding Solutions by Postle Industries, and Colin Duff, Hardbanding Solutions Europe, explore how drill pipe hardbanding is keeping pace with the drilling industry.

Easy flowing
Antonio Mejia, Edward Bohres and Jennifer Jackson, BASF, discuss the use of a polyacrylate dispersion to improve flow.

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