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September is that time again in the LNG industry calendar which sees industry experts from all around the globe come together to discuss business opportunities, new technology, and innovative ideas. It is, of course, time for Gastech, which this year is hosted by Singapore. Last year saw a record attendance of 39 467 international industry professionals, and the attendance for this year is expected to reach over 40 000.1

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Asia is a growing market for the LNG industry, as much of the continent tries to move away from coal to less carbon intensive fossil fuels. Many projects on the West Coast of North America (including Alaska Gasline Development Corporation’s Alaska LNG Industry2 and Mexico Pacific’s Saguaro Energía3) offer a competitive advantage over more distant alternatives due to their close proximity to Asia. This means they can serve the market quickly, free of any risks or time delays associated with the Panama Canal.

There have also been some recent developments in Singapore in regards to LNG. Maersk and Hong Lam Marine Pte Ltd have recently conducted the world’s first ship-to-container bio-LNG bunkering operation at the Raffles Reserved Anchorage in Singapore, with the support of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore. This was also Singapore’s first methanol bunkering operation.4 As one of the biggest and busiest maritime ports in the world, this bunkering operation proves to be a significant milestone for the country’s development towards a multi-fuel future, and Singapore’s commitment to meet the new marine fuel needs of international shipping as the industry moves away from more traditional fuels to alternative fuels, such as LNG, bio-LNG, ammonia, hydrogen, etc.

In addition, Himalaya Shipping has recently bunkered two of its ships, Mount Norefjell and Mount Matterhorn, with LNG in Singapore. A newcastlemax running on LNG helps reduce carbon emissions by 43% compared to a standard capesize ship5 –something of importance considering the new, stricter environmental regulations that are being introduced in the shipping industry.

With COP28 approaching, and an ever-increasing spotlight on the environmental impacts of the oil and gas industry, Gastech 2023 will be looking at how industries can come together to make a positive, proactive contribution in the global fight against climate change. The 51st edition will see a new addition: the Climatetech zone. The Climatetech zone will provide a showcase for existing climate technologies available for development at scale, as well as new and emerging technologies.6

The LNG industry is still very much a topic of discussion, and its role in the future energy mix is becoming more prominent. With so much to discuss, the September 2023 issue of LNG Industry is, again, our largest issue to date. Make sure to visit our stand (E327) to discuss editorial and advertising opportunities for 2024, and to collect your bumper copy packed with articles on technology, LNG bunkering, metering and monitoring, LNG terminal design, and much more, as well as our Gastech 2023 Preview, which features a handy guide to help you navigate the event.

As the LNG industry continues to grow, change, and develop, the team here at LNG Industry will be with you every step of the way, keeping you informed and continuing to showcase and celebrate the work of key players in the industry through a range of insightful articles, news, webinars, and more.

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