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July 2023

The July issue of LNG Industry includes a regional report on the Asia Pacific, and articles on liquefaction plant design, heat exchangers, marine coatings, and a compressors Q&A.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor International.

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Analysing trends in the Asia Pacific
Richard Acklam, Associate Principal, Charles River Associates, highlights the key trends in the Asia Pacific LNG market, whilst touching on relevant global developments to analyse how they are affecting the Asia Pacific region.

Avoiding unpleasant surprises
Mark Roberts, Katherine Wells, and Dr Annemarie Ott Weist, Air Products, explore how to prevent unpleasant surprises during mixed refrigerant condensation.

A clean fuel to rule the truckstop forecourt
Dover Fueling Solutions, Europe, consider the benefits of using LNG as an alternative fuel.

A bridge to alternative fuels
Stefano Calandri, Vanzetti Engineering, Italy, describes how pumps can be used to help the LNG market transition to a cleaner future.

Compressors Q&A
LNG Industry asked several companies to discuss some key topics regarding compressors in the LNG industry.

Compressors to target the energy transition
Takashi Niiyama, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor Corporation, Japan, looks at how compressor solutions for LNG can help the industry navigate the energy transition.

Banishing biofouling during outfitting
Catherine Austin, I-Tech, Sweden, explains how to tackle the problem of barnacle biofouling for both the LNG-powered fleet and LNG carriers.

Counteracting LNG carrier challenges with marine coatings
LNG carrier fleet must implement energy efficiency measures to meet global and regional regulations, says Ariana Psomas, PPG Segment Director, Protective and Marine Coatings.

Meeting the gas heater and vaporiser needs of tomorrow, today
Jeff Awe, Cast Aluminum Solutions, USA, provides insight into the efficient heating and vaporising of natural gas and other process media.

More than a pipe dream
Dr Jonathan Wilkins, Enoflex Ltd, UK, details the development journey for a non-metallic, cryogenic pipe technology for use in regasification terminals.

Making regasification technology flexible
ECOnnect Energy examine how LNG regasification technology is evolving to meet the needs of today’s energy market.

LNG and the environment working in harmony
Chen-Ming Huang, Yun-Chun Lin, and Y. H. Eric Chen, CTCI Corp., Taiwan, outline how the Nong Fab LNG Terminal in Thailand was designed to achieve energy efficiency, environmental care, and community wellbeing.

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