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August 2023

The August issue of LNG Industry includes a range of technical articles on gas treatment, tugs and towage, storage solutions, software, and more.

This month's front cover is brought to you by STS Marine Solutions.

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Harnessing the power of LNG modelling software
Nuno Pedrosa, Behnam Salimi, and Shaun Mohammed, KBC (A Yokogawa Company), describe how advanced technology solutions can propel decarbonisation and operational efficiency within the LNG industry.

A digital future
John Bell, Akselos, Switzerland, talks about how digital twins can boost efficiency and bolster energy security, in turn helping to revolutionise the European LNG sector.

Revolutionising the maritime industry with synthetic ropes
Will Pernett and Michael Botterbusch, Samson Rope Technologies, USA, asses how digital tools for training and data analysis maximise the efficiency of tug and towage operations.

Streamlining emissions reduction and natural gas contaminants removal
Alessandro Mari, Paolo Cari, and Sabrina D’Orazio, Saipem, provide insight into the technical challenges and solutions associated with emissions reductions and natural gas contaminants removal for a floating LNG facility.

The solution to coldbox freezing
Dr Tobias Eckardt, Dr Margaret Greene, Dr William Dolan, and Justin Pan, (BASF), and Stephen Holmes, Stephen Hughes, and Kevin Cunning (Kinder Morgan), outline how they addressed heavy hydrocarbon freezing while boosting yield at the Elba Island LNG Facility.

Ships that are future-proof
Frank-Torsten Appel, TGE Marine Gas Engineering, Germany, explains how new configurations and preparing for the future are shaping the market.

Sealing solutions for LNG tanks
Romuald Machac, Hutchinson, South Korea, discusses best practises for LNG tanks.

A contained approach to LNG shipping
Tank systems for LNG cargo have evolved over time as demands have changed and new approaches have emerged, writes Sebastien Le Moigne, Global Gas Solutions Manager, ABS.

Maintain to sustain
Andrew Winter, Sarens, UK, explores the logistics surrounding the LNG industry and its significance in sustaining the European energy system.

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