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April 2024

The April issue of LNG Industry starts with a regional report from Rystad Energy on the recent developments in Canadian LNG, and includes a wide range of articles on topics such as: LNG storage, software, pumps & valves, and more! The April issue, among others, features contributions from industry leaders such as Baker Hughes, KBC, CB&I, and Svanehøj.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Baker Hughes.

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Optimism on the horizon for Canadian LNG
Ademiju Allen and Ole Dramdal, Rystad Energy, look at recent developments and upside in Canadian LNG.

Control valves and LNG: Common, yet critical
Stephen James, Baker Hughes, USA, addresses the importance of control valves to the LNG supply chain.

Success through planning and risk mitigation
Mark Butts and Yogesh Meher, CB&I, outline how identifying key risks can help optimise and de-risk projects from the very beginning.

Securing LNG's leading role on the global energy stage
Michael Pospisil P.E., Senior Engineer, and Rich Insull, P.E., Project Manager, Matrix PDM Engineering, detail the significance of life cycle analysis to helping secure LNG’s role in the future energy mix.

LNG loading equipment Q&A
LNG Industry asked several companies to discuss some topics regarding LNG loading equipment.

Flexible futures for island nations
Mark van Meel and Jürgen Essler, BRUGG Rohrsysteme GmbH, Germany, breaks down how the advent of stainless-pipes has altered small scale LNG for island populations.

Innovate under pressure
High-pressure LNG fuel systems are an increasingly popular solution in shipping, and new innovative solutions are now being developed to meet the demand for leak-free fuel supply systems components with long service life. Rasmus Gregersen, Svanehøj, Denmark, provides a technical overview of one of these new solutions.

A focus on the behind-the-scenes
Clayton Kale, Director of Marketing, AMECO, USA, maps out an integrated site services approach for constructing LNG facilities.

Integrated operations
Rubén David Monje, Technology Services Consultant, KBC – A Yokogawa Company, discusses how integrated operations can optimise scheduling, production accounting and energy cost, and manage emissions on LNG sites.

Floating new ideas
Seatrium Ltd considers an alternative marine solution for small scale LNG.

Small scale LNG to the rescue
Cathy Farina, General Manager Product Development, PolaireTech International Inc., and Aditya Hegde, General Manager, Polairetech India Private Ltd, explore how small scale LNG is gaining popularity in unlocking and commercialising local stranded gas resources, enabling a sustainable transition to cleaner energy.

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