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April 2020

The April issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering covers a wide range of topics, including filtration and separation technology, water treatment, flaring, and level measurement. This issue also includes our annual 'Sulfur Review', which presents a selection of sulfur technologies and services currently available to plant and refinery operations.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Purgit Vapor Control Systems.

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Wild ride
Jurisdictions in Latin America are taking different approaches to their oil and gas sectors. Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, explains why this will create both prosperity and poverty in their respective countries.

Amine scrubbing optimisation
Chris Wallace, FTC, USA, discusses the challenges to efficient amine scrubbing in natural gas processing, and new filtration technologies aimed at tackling these issues.

Packing performance into separation units
Claudia von Scala, Sulzer Chemtech Ltd, Switzerland, and Natalia Molchanova, Sulzer Chemtech LLC, Russia, presents a case study to illustrate the importance of packing to improve plant performance.

Picking the right workhorse
Alessandro Ferrari, Izak Niewoudt, and Neil Sandford, Koch-Glitsch, evaluate the available tray technologies for pressure distillation towers.

Made to measure
Sabrina Nees, Berthold Technologies, Germany, looks at the ways in which level control can be improved under the extreme conditions of a fluid catalytic cracking unit.

A complex transformation
Sanjay Thute, VA Tech WABAG Ltd, India, presents a holistic approach to effluent treatment and sustainable water recycling.

Battling biofouling
Anna Icart, Kurita Europe, Germany, overviews new strategies for the control of biofouling in desalination plants.

Tailor-made flares
Jason Voskuhl and Kurt Kraus, Callidus Technologies, USA, examine the customised solutions which flare companies are utilizing to keep up with a rapidly changing industry.

IR flare management
David Ducharme, Advanced Energy, explores how new flare monitoring technology can help refiners meet environmental regulations.

Oxygen enrichment
Marco van Son and Bill DeWees, Comprimo, North America, outline how the capacity of sulfur recovery units can be expanded using oxygen enrichment technology.

Sulfur Review
Hydrocarbon Engineering presents a selection of sulfur technologies and services currently available to plant and refinery operations.

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