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September 2023

This issue of Global Hydrogen Review begins with a regional report from Rystad Energy, outlining the current state of Asia’s hydrogen industry. This issue also explores options and considerations for hydrogen decarbonisation, Namibia’s green hydrogen potential, the importance of compression in the hydrogen value chain, and how automation can help the hydrogen sector fulfil its potential, plus much more.

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Asia: facilitating the transition
Dr Minh Khoi Le, Rystad Energy, discusses the current state of Asia’s hydrogen industry, and sheds light on how the region can implement a successful hydrogen strategy to achieve emissions reduction targets.

Hydrogen decarbonisation: options and considerations
As society heads toward a cleaner energy future, it is essential to build a secure and resilient hydrogen infrastructure. To do so will require taking advantage of the engineering that has been developed for hydrogen reforming processes, as well as the knowledge that exists for hydrogen use, storage and transport. Daniela Ribita, Burns & McDonnell, USA, explains.

Unlocking Namibia’s green hydrogen potential
Marco Raffinetti, Hyphen Hydrogen Energy, Namibia, explores how Namibia has the potential to transform Africa’s green hydrogen future.

Which route to go down?
Alex Brierley and Lucy Whitford, HYRO, UK, explore different ways to deliver green hydrogen to hard-to-electrify industries in the UK.

Keeping electrolysis cool
Evgenij Loginov and Alexander Gernhardt, Kelvion, Germany, analyse the heat exchange options that are available for electrolysis systems used in green hydrogen production.

Building a sustainable future for green hydrogen production
Peter Thomsen, Swagelok, Denmark, details how one Danish company is building a high-quality delivery system to make hydrogen the standard for renewable transportation fuels.

Compression to support decarbonisation
Marie-Laure Gelin, Howden, a Chart Industries Company, the Netherlands, explains why compression is such an important process within the hydrogen value chain.

Finding the key
Todd Gibbs, Atlas Copco, USA, explains why centrifugal compressors will be key to developments in the hydrogen industry.

High-pressure hydrogen compression
Daniel Ballorca, Hiperbaric, Spain, explains why high-pressure compressed hydrogen is the most efficient way to store energy.

Integrity, testing and diagnostics
Neil Gallon, ROSEN UK, and Jens Voss, ROSEN Germany, discuss the importance of pipelines in the energy transition, and the management required to ensure their safe operation with hydrogen.

Fulfilling potential
Dr. Sleman Saliba, ABB Energy Industries, Germany, explores how automation technologies can help green hydrogen to fulfil its potential as a driver of decarbonisation.

Greener on every side
Successfully navigating the bold adventure of a new green hydrogen value chain means starting with a strategic vision of a unified automation ecosystem. Lauren Wherry, Emerson, USA, discusses how this can be achieved.

Accelerating production
Alessandro Piscioneri, Comau, Italy, explores how automation can accelerate the production of emission-free energy for use in mobility applications.

Unlocking the economy
Richard Zhang, LIFTE H2, USA, explains why digitisation is key to developing the hydrogen industry.

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