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March 2024

The Spring 2024 issue of Energy Global starts with a guest comment from Field on how battery storage sites can serve as a viable solution to curtailed energy, before moving on to a regional report from Théodore Reed-Martin, Editorial Assistant, Energy Global, looking at the state of renewables in Europe. This issue also hosts an array of technical articles on electrical infrastructure, turbine and blade monitoring, battery storage technology, coatings, and more.

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Guest Comment

Renewables in Europe
Théodore Reed-Martin, Editorial Assistant, Energy Global, summarises the current state of renewable energy in Europe.

A promising lithium discovery to power the future
Brian Quock and Michele Cox, ANA Corp., USA, look at new US lithium deposits that could power future battery production.

Communicating battery storage
Blesson Thomas, Head of Grid at Clearstone Energy, highlights the urgent need for the industry to take steps to educate developers, communities, planners and politicians on grid scale battery safety.

Unlocking the power of AI
Charlene Lee, Product Manager and Antonio Notaristefano, Director of Product Management, Fluence, discuss the use of artificial intelligence to help resolve asset management challenges.

Transmission technology for the energy transition
Peter Sandeberg, Hitachi Energy, Sweden, provides insight into employing voltage sourced converter-based high-voltage direct current for offshore connections.

Winds of change
Jon Salazar, CEO, Gazelle Wind Power, UAE, examines how collaboration across industries can enable the growth of floating offshore wind.

Changing gears: A look at wind turbines
The wind turbine industry faces an ever-increasing challenge to reduce the cost of energy production, decrease operational and maintenance costs, and increase lifespan. All of this must happen while scaling up technology to multi-megawatt, offshore machines operating in harsh environments. Gary Rodgers, CEO of Magnomatics, details the role magnetic gears play in helping achieve these goals.

Advanced turbine monitoring
Dr Joe Donnelly, CEO and Co-Founder, Windscope, makes the case for strengthening operational resilience in a volatile wind market.

The future of lightning risk control
Wind Power LAB explores the evolving landscape of lightning risk control for wind turbines and the proactive measures required to ensure their operational efficiency and longevity.

Pioneering a safe palette
Allan Bonde Jensen, Business Development Manager, Infrastructure and Energy, and Palle Gustafsson, Chemical Engineer, Teknos, consider the rise of isocyanate-free and epoxy-free industrial coatings.

Mobilising a zero-emissions future with hydrogen
Lucrezia Morabito, Comau Product and Solution Manager, talks about the importance of hydrogen as a key factor for sustainable mobility in a Q&A with Jessica Casey, Editor of Energy Global.

Maximising solar power
Lorna Smith, EcoFlow, UK, analyses how energy storage can help maximise solar power.

Global news

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