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July 2023

The Summer 2023 issue of Energy Global hosts an array of technical articles focusing on alternative fuels, battery storage solutions, solar optimisation, and more. This issue also features a regional report on the recent developments in the European renewables market.

This month's front cover is brought to you by vHive.

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Guest comment

Exciting times for Europe?
Jessica Casey, Deputy Editor, Energy Global, UK, provides a snapshot of Europe’s growing renewables sector.

Getting ahead of the curve
Dr Jyoti Roy, GreenEnco, UK, discusses how optimisation of solar assets is essential to increasing confidence of green investment in order to reach net zero targets.

Unlocking the steps to net zero
Piotr Loga and Mikolaj Konieczka, Menlo Electric, offer a perspective into how to meet targets in the 'net zero by 2025' scenario.

From nice-to-have to a competitive advantage: digitising wind turbine farms
Sharon Imber, CMO, vHive, focuses on the profound impact of wind turbine farms digitisation and how it is reshaping the entire value chain of wind energy, ushering in a new era of efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.

Regulating risks
Kristoffer Eldin, Dafo Energy Storage Protection, Sweden, examines the various risks associated with energy storage, namely fire, and the measures needed to control them effectively.

Progress towards change
Matt Harper, Invinity, Canada, highlights the importance of battery storage solutions in order to achieve a ‘just transition’ in the energy industry.

Scale up
Brian D. Jønson, Nature Energy, Denmark, considers how power-to-X is boosting the green transition, with biogas and biomethane presenting viable alternative fuel solutions.

Powering sustainable fuels
Sander van Donk, Sulzer Chemtech, Switzerland, looks at how renewable resources are key to decarbonising the transport sector and what technologies are best suited to ensure a reliable supply of quality fuels.

Taking geothermal to a new level
Matt Houde, Carlos Araque, and Kevin Bonebrake, Quaise Energy, USA, detail how accessing the superhot rock deep beneath the ground could help power the world.

Global news

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