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December 2023

The Winter 2023 issue of Energy Global hosts an array of technical articles weather analysis, geothermal solutions, energy storage technology, and more. This issue also features a regional report looking at the future of renewables in North America, and a report from Théodore Reed-Martin, Editorial Assistant, Energy Global, on how Iceland utilises its unique geology for renewable energy.

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A new renewable age for North America?
Christopher Colacello, Power and Renewables Analyst, BMI, USA, looks at the three key trends that will shape North America’s energy transition.

Big and small, to everything in between
Juan Matson, Rolls-Royce Solutions America Inc., USA, details the versatility of battery energy storage systems.

Good things come in threes
Scott Childers, VP of Essential Power, Stryten Energy, identifies three battery chemistries that are powering the clean energy revolution.

Alternative storage
Randall Selesky, CRO at EnerVenue, USA, describes how lithium-Ion supply issues are accelerating the need for capable stationary energy storage alternatives.

Keeping an eye on the weather
Davy Theophile, Head of Renewable Energy at Vaisala, France, addresses how wind, solar radiation, and weather monitoring solutions can help propel the renewable energy industry forward.

Managing energy
Ratimir Brester, Product Owner, and Vivian Bullinger, Product Marketing Management, Solar-Log GmbH, Germany, explore energy management systems for increased grid stability as more sectors electrify.

Applying lessons learned from oil and gas to geothermal
Tom Hultgreen, Principal Geologist, AGR Reservoir Management, and Øystein Andersen, VP AGR Software, outline why true reservoir reconnaissance and accurate drilling budget are crucial to securing geothermal spending.

Seis-ing up the subsurface
Nick Tranter, Head of Business Development, New Energies, STRYDE, discusses how new technologies can help aid the development of geothermal projects.

Putting geothermal projects on the fast track
Ted Moon, Tony Pink, and Alexis Garcia, NOV, makes the case for how resource management solutions developed for oil and gas can accelerate the commercialisation of geothermal projects.

The land of ice and fire: Iceland's renewable scene
Théodore Reed-Martin, Editorial Assistant, Energy Global, delves into how Iceland has harnessed its unique geology to create an impressive renewable scene.

Four strategies to cut turbine OPEX
Dylan Cronin, Director of Sales, Energy, vHive, considers four strategies to cut wind turbine operational costs in 2024.

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