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LUKOIL Marine Lubricants introduces new NAVIGO 6 CO crankcase oil

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LUKOIL Marine Lubricants has introduced the newly formulated NAVIGO 6 CO crankcase oil and NAVIGO 70 MCL AW cylinder oil. With newly designed additive packages, both products offer additional benefits with regard to thermal and oxidation stability, corrosion prevention and wear protection.

NAVIGO 70 MCL AW is a cylinder oil for marine two-stroke engines. It is applicable for a wide field of applications and fuel sulfur contents between 0.5% and 3.5%. The new cylinder oil is based on the same additive technology as the NAVIGO 100 MCL.

“Our customers benefit from the improved formulation with enhanced detergency and dispersion and improved crankcase cleanliness and deposit control of oil-cooled piston undercrowns”, commented Stefan Claussen, Technical and Marketing Director at LUKOIL Marine Lubricants.

NAVIGO 6 CO is designed for iCOlube®, LUKOIL Marine’s onboard unit for intelligent cylinder oil lubrication. This unit combines high BN cylinder oil and new or used system oil to tailor the ideal cylinder oil for each engine. Additional benefits include the reduction of cylinder oil grades the ship needs to store onboard and safe, easy and efficient engine operation for the crew.

Both lubricants have been extensively tested and approved by all major OEMs.

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