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Pipeline operator training opportunity from PLIDCO

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Performing maintenance and repairs to live oil and gas pipelines requires painstaking installation and safety practices. To help pipeline repair personnel stay safe and improve their workmanship skills, The Pipeline Development Company (PLIDCO) of Westlake, Ohio offers Department of Transportation (DOT) certified, ASME B31Q-2006 operator qualification training for the installation of a variety of pipeline repair fittings including the Split+Sleeve, Weld+Ends, Smith+Clamp and the Flange+Repair Ring.

"PLIDCO is the industry's leading advocate for safety and improving best installation practices for pipeline repair workers," states Marketing Co-ordinator/Sales Operations Supervisor for PLIDCO, Elaine Maruca. "It's our desire to share our expertise and equip maintenance personnel with an understanding of installation principles and safety practices when installing PLIDCO products. We also want the end user of our products to understand that PLIDCO fittings can be installed by their maintenance staff which saves time and money."

The course can be completed in approximately three hours and includes a demonstration of the installation of the fittings on a pressurised line, detailed step-by-step explanations, and a PowerPoint presentation that will help each participant learn the modules required to prepare for the exam. Each class is limited to 20 people and will include hands-on learning and interactive Q&A with the instructor. The course concludes with a written exam and a certificate which states the participant has attended the course and passed the exam will be issued.

"PLIDCO has been manufacturing pipeline repair products longer than anyone in the industry," continued Maruca. "Our instructors have years of experience and have personally encountered numerous challenging installations. Participants who have taken our courses leave with practical tips and techniques to use in the field, but most importantly with the confidence to install PLIDCO products in a safe manner."

In conjunction with the OQ training, PLIDCO also offers training on re-packing their fittings. This is an important and time saving skill that will allow maintenance personnel to make the change at the shop or in the field saving the time and expense it would take to send the fitting back to PLIDCO to have it changed or have a PLIDCO service staff member change it at your site. This training can be an add-on to the OQ training or done as a stand-alone course.

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