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All access pass to mitigating risk

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In the challenging world of offshore oil and gas operations, common issues often require complex, highly specialised responses. That includes the familiar task of emergency shutdown valve (ESDV) replacement, a project every platform operator eventually faces.

Historically, valve replacement has included product removal, depressurising, flooding, and de-watering the line – steps that can be risky, costly, and complicated.

Safer, less disruptive alternatives exist, however. To help operators understand the choices available to them, global pipeline services provider T.D. Williamson (TDW) has produced Operation Offshore: Risk on the Platform, a 12-episode, multimedia program that follows a platform crew step-by-step on their mission to isolate and replace a failing ESDV in the Gulf of Mexico.

Anyone who’s faced challenges on the platform will recognize the unfolding drama. It begins as so many real-world scenarios do: with the sudden realization that there’s a problem requiring immediate response to preserve both safety and product. In this case, a leaking ESDV has hit its critical passage rate and the next scheduled shutdown is six months away. How the crew handles the situation, mitigating risk even as potential setbacks appear, is a must-see story.

According to George Lim, offshore veteran and market development director for TDW, initiatives like this are essential to expanding the industry’s knowledge base, particularly as operators navigate ever more challenging environments.

“With the departure of senior personnel from our industry, we’re losing knowledge, experience, and novel, innovative ideas. Programs like this help capture, share, and proliferate expertise and acumen,” Lim commented.

“In a world awash with information, TDW is striving to bring clarity and conciseness to issues critical to the oil and gas business,” he added.

Operation Offshore: Risk on the Platform includes live action and animation, and is supplemented by downloadable content, including:

  • Articles: World Pipelines and Pipelines International.
  • Case Study: Gulf Coast operator uses non-intrusive inline isolation technology to facilitate valve replacement.
  • Infographic: Purge versus isolation decision tree.
  • White Papers: Reducing platform downtime during valve replacement.
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