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CORTIME introduces new aspect of flow software

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CORTIME, a pioneer in making powerful design exploration available to a broader audience, is proud to introduce SolidWorks embedded Multi-Study Optimisation including Flow simulation support in the CORTIME software. CORTIME will be exhibited at SolidWorks World 2019 in Dallas, Texas from 10 – 13 February 2019, in booth 228.

CORTIME introduces new aspect of flow software

CORTIME helps engineers explore optimal designs by automating their design evaluation process and exploring design options based on performance goals and constraints. An example could be reducing the mass, while not compromising the durability of a product. CORTIME utilises advanced parametric optimisation, sensitivity analysis, and design study visualisation to enable intelligent automated exploration of the potential design options.

One new advancement, now available in the CORTIME Software, is the ability to perform Multi-Study Optimisations within SolidWorks supporting multiple simulation solutions including Flow simulation. An example video shows a multi-study optimisation of a billboard using SolidWorks flow and static simulation.

"There is a huge potential in automating your design exploration. However, for our clients who combine flow and other simulation studies this has not been possible,” said Rasmus Høtoft, CEO of CORETIME. “With CORTIME adding this feature to an already excellent design exploration tool, SolidWorks users can now finally automate their multi-study optimisations with flow simulation. This will be a game changer!"

CORTIME is the next generation design exploration tool leveraging advanced parametric optimisation, sensitivity analysis, visualisation tools, and an intuitive user experience that is fully integrated with SolidWorks. CORTIME addresses the need for a much simpler and more efficient way to optimise CAD designs.

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