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Atlas Copco Rental provides solution to dewater pipeline

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Using the company’s oil-free air compressors and a customised heat exchanger package, Atlas Copco was able to dry a pipeline, following the client’s unsuccessful attempts using traditional methods.

The job site was a natural gas pump station with most of the stations covering a few miles of pipe. The situation came about when a large amount of water entered the pipes throughout the station. The valves in the system had all been left open and the system was flooded with water.

Usually when dewatering a pipeline, pigs are used to push everything out of the pipe. However, pigs were not an option in this case due to the configuration and small diameter of the pipes and the fact that many of them terminate into a large indoor receiver tank. This job required hot, dry air to remove the water.

The contractor had been using compressors and dryers from competition with little success. The units were not able to remove the water and an oily film remained on the surface, leaving the job at a standstill.

Once the package was set up, progress was instantaneous. Despite the heavy downpours, the Atlas Copco Rental hot, dry 100% oil-free package was able to surpass the work of several rented competition units.

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