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InFRONT partners with energy companies on health and safety

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inFRONT has announced its recent partnership with two of the largest companies in the downstream and midstream industry sectors, respectively. A major multinational oil and gas company and one of the world’s largest LNG companies have implemented inFRONT’s AllClear Emergency Assembly Solution. The first-ever emergency response application designed specifically for the petrochemical industry will be used by the emergency response teams (ERTs) at more than 20 global refineries and LNG plants to make better and faster decisions that save lives and money by reducing mustering time by over 90%.

“AllClear was chosen by these companies because we’ve built our technology with the input of emergency responders who live the job every day,” said Christopher Laibe, President and Founder of inFRONT. “As a result, AllClear’s features are on point with Emergency Response Teams as they strive to improve their readiness for the unexpected.”

During an onsite emergency, responders have mere minutes for critical thinking and reaction. AllClear assists in making important decisions by providing detailed safety-specific data to emergency responders during the incident, as well as a deep resource of data after the event so that they can identify areas for improvement.

“The common mission of all petrochemical facilities is to maintain safe operations and protect their employees, placing a heavy burden on their emergency response resources,” said Laibe. “Investing in the quality, timeliness, and usability of data in emergency assembly - both during and after an event - puts the facility on a continuous improvement journey. This data empowers safety professionals to achieve their mission of returning all employees home safely to their families at the end of each shift.”

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