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LCS Cable Cranes

LCS Cable Cranes
Industriestrasse 8

LCS Cable Cranes, an innovative Austrian company, specialises in providing environmentally sound transport solutions to construct pipelines in inaccessible and difficult terrains.

LCS designs, plans, fabricates and installs high qualitative and potential cable crane as solutions for the construction of pipelines at special points. Steep mountain ranges, rocky surfaces, hilly terrain.... LCS creates individual transport solutions for special challenges, using new ideas, based on highest technological standards and know-how in cable crane-construction of over 25 years.

LCS' solutions and equipment for pipeline construction is well elaborated, prove and high technological. Using LCS' cable crane systems it is possible to lay pipes where heavy machinery cannot work. The whole laying process can be solved using the LCS' system:

  • Transportation of pipes
  • Fitting of pipes into the welding position
  • Stabilisation of pipes in the welding clamp
  • Transportation of sandblasting and coating equipment
  • Backfilling with padding material and sandbags


Additionally, using cable cranes, the safety at the construction site can be increased, as operators do not have to operate with heavy machinery in steep and critical terrain. As cable cranes cover the whole pipe-laying process, no heavy machinery is necessary.

The systems of LCS are unaffected by climatic conditions. Snow, rain, humidity, high or low temperatures do not have any impact on the crane systems. LCS already operated in very different conditions: from the Canadian Rocky Mountains to the Rain forest in Papua New Guinea.

LCS systems are based on module systems and can be applied very quickly for temporary construction sites due to its simple installation.

Using LCS Cable Cranes very narrow ROWs are possible. This decreases the ecological impact but also the cost-intensive re-instatement works. Access roads are not necessary – another ecological and economical advantage for the project.

Planning the construction of a pipeline allows planning direct routes, overcoming steep mountain ranges. Kilometres of pipeline can be avoided and costs saved.

Technical features:

  • Direct route of a pipeline thereby avoiding km long routes
  • Over 3000 m length
  • Up to 20 t payload
  • Up to 7m/s line speed
  • Able to overcome steep areas of over 70°, lakes, rivers, etc
  • Safe and precise loading and unloading in steep areas
  • Environmentally sound on account of a reduced track width
  • Cost-efficient – less road construction is needed.
  • Unaffected by climatic conditions – can be used during the rainy season and in winter time.
  • Cable Crane Solutions
  • Material ropeways
  • Pipeline Construction in steep terrain
  • Earth Work Services in steep terrain (trenching, blasting, rock-drilling)
  • Consulting for pipeline construction in steep terrain including detailed planning
  • Operation of cable cranes
  • Rental and sale of complete cable crane installations and machinery including winches, carriages, towers etc.
  • Heavy winches to secure heavy machinery
LCS Cable Cranes
Industriestrasse 8
LCS Cablecranes Ltd.
1200-925 West Georgia Street
V6C 3L2