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CRC Evans

For more than 80 years, CRC-Evans has solidified its position as a pioneer in its field. Employing the talent and experience of technicians and engineers the world over, CRC-Evans is the industry's largest manufacturer of specialised pipeline construction, automatic welding equipment, field joint coating (PIH) and inspection services (globally) with a large fleet to support its customer base either for onshore or the subsea pipeline industry. CRC-Evans provides pipeline construction equipment, automatic welding systems, managed subsea services, field joint coating, weighting systems and non-destructive testing. Other engineered equipment includes laybarge equipment, conveying systems and concrete weight coating plants.

CRC-Evans has provided equipment and services for almost 50 000 miles (nearly 80 000 km) of pipelines in more than 100 countries, including the most extreme conditions and difficult terrains. The company is a market leader in each of our core businesses and with regional capabilities around the world, providing customers with one of the most extensive support structures in the industry. CRC-Evans' onshore and offshore companies are established, financially solid and known for commitment to success.

The company's focus has always been to help customers meet the pipeline industry's challenges through technological innovation and a superior level of service. This includes having personnel at a project site within 24 hours, should the need arise. CRC-Evans' developments have helped to increase productivity and to reduce the cost of pipeline construction for customers.