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Litre Meter receives chemical injection order from Kempe Australia

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UK-based flowmeter supplier Litre Meter has shipped 12 LF05 VFF positive displacement flowmeters to Kempe Australia for use in chemical injection applications offshore New Zealand. The rotary piston flowmeters will be used to measure the flow of a number of chemicals, including corrosion inhibitor, demulsifier and scale inhibitor.

Five skids, each with dedicated flowmeters, are being constructed for the Maari Growth Project in the Taranaki Basin, operated by OMV New Zealand. The chemicals are injected at high pressure into pipelines via the skids, which will be installed on unmanned wellhead platforms. The chemicals will be delivered to the skids through umbilicals from a floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel located in the field.

Avoiding blockages and shutdowns

The application requires distribution of the various chemicals to up to 12 wells or injection points via SkoFlo pressure-independent control valves. Measurement of the chemical injection rate is critical as blockages caused by a build-up of scale or emulsified sludge can result in a shutdown and the risk of explosion or unintended release of hydrocarbons into the environment.

Blocked pipes may have to be uplifted to remove the blockage, causing costly loss of production. Litre Meter meters assist in maintaining flow assurance and reducing production costs by measuring the flow of chemicals needed to prevent hydrate and sludge formation.

Chemical injection monitoring

The LF05 Litre Meter flowmeters provide accurate chemical injection monitoring, both locally and remotely in the FPSO control room. The VFF LF05 flowmeter is suitable for measuring liquids at pressure ratings up to 1035 bar (15 011 psi) and flow rates from 0 - 30 l/hr. It covers a viscosity range from under 0.8 to above 2000 cP. Constructed in 316 stainless steel, with a PVD coated titanium rotor, the design of the meter is intrinsically safe and manufactured to operate reliably at temperatures ranging from -40 to 150 °C.

Ideal for oil and gas industry applications

Charles Wemyss, the Chief Executive Officer of Litre Meter, said, "This was an important order for us and for Kempe. The feedback from the customer was very positive. The flowmeters were checked for accuracy and all the SkoFlo valves were tested for operability and accuracy throughout their operational range.

“Litre Meter's VFF flowmeter is ideally suited for use in the oil and gas industry and in particular for low flow/high pressure applications. Years of experience in chemical injection applications onshore and offshore have confirmed the instrument's capability to reliably measure fluids under extreme conditions of both temperature and pressure."

Adapted from press release by Rosalie Starling

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