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Niger Delta Avengers attack pipeline

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The Niger Delta Avengers have declared that its supporters attacked an oil export pipeline that is operated by Chevron in Nigeria. This is just one of the group’s attempts at warning international oil companies not to repair damaged infrastructure upcoming talks with militants, that are set to take place on 31 October.

The attack comes just days before the militants are set to talk with Nigeria’s government about ending the sabotage, which is negatively affecting oil production and hammering the economy.

"This action is to further warn all international oil companies that when we warn that there should be no repairs pending negotiation/dialogue with the people of the Niger Delta, it means there should be no repairs," Mudoch Agbinibo, Niger Delta Avengers’ spokesman said in a statement.

Chevron was not available for comment.

The group surfaced in early 2016 to fight for a larger share of Nigeria’s oil wealth. The group has been in various stages of peace talks with the government since the summer but recent attacked have ended a cease that had been agreed with the government.

The group also added that any further efforts by the government to mediate as a distraction and allow for the resumption of crude oil exports would halt any further efforts at negotiation.

Nigeria’s total crude oil production in September 2016 was approximately 1.52 million bpd, which was approximately 7% higher than August 2016, though still about 20% less than it was last year.

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