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Enduro Pipeline Services launches new website

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Enduro Pipeline Services has launched its newly redesigned website.

Enduro Pipeline Services launches new website

See the new site here.

The primary objectives of the site development effort were focused on aesthetics, simplifying content and increasing the visibility of the company's pipeline tools. The new design also allows for clear navigation and a responsive layout for all platforms.

Enduro Pipeline Services, Inc. – from the beginning of the company in 1988 to the present day – offers services and sales to assist its oil and gas industry clients with their pipeline problems.

The founders of Enduro believe in a hands-on approach to solving pipeline challenges, providing optimum solutions.

Enduro offers to the industry a full line of pipeline cleaning pigs, realising that cleaning is an essential part of the internal integrity management of the pipeline.

The first tool developed by Enduro was the analog Geometry Inspection Tool. This instrumented pig could detect dents, buckles, pipe wall changes, along with welds and valves. A modification was later added to the tool enabling bends to be detected along with the geometry.

In 1998, the Enduro DdL™ Integrity Survey tool was developed by Enduro and replaced the standard analog inspection tool. The DdL™ incorporates geometry inspection, bend analysis and map production into a single pass through the use of digital memory. The digital storage ability also allowed the tool to be expanded into a multi-channel tool capable of logging radius point and diametrical point data, also allowing o’clock positioning of the anomalies being recorded.

This first of a kind geometry inspection tool, placed the Enduro DdL™ Integrity Survey Tool at the forefront of the industry and became the industry standard. The DdL™ computer flash memory, with advanced software, enabled a long line section to be measured with one pass, since the graph paper scale to pipe length was no longer the determining factor; line lengths of 300 miles can now be achieved.

Since 1988 Enduro has been a leader in the North American geometry inspection market. In 2005 Enduro announced its Enduro DfL™ Magnetic Flux Leakage Survey tools – the latest development to become an integral part of day to day pipeline operational and maintenance activities.

Enduro's design team, with over 50 years of combined experience in the development of pipeline inspection tools, regularly upgrades these state-of-the-art tools with new innovative features.

Enduro increased the size of its facility in 2013 with new IT offices, training facilities and an expanded production area. This means improved quality control, decreased turnaround times, and a new Enduro client software training programme.

Enduro Pipeline Services recently announced the availability of the Wireless GeoPhone, a completely wireless pig tracking system.

The system is sensitive to ground vibration, which amplifies the sound of the pig cups striking weld joints and scraping along the pipeline.

The Wireless GeoPhone includes a ground probe, blue tooth headset and charger cable, batteries and high impact carry case.

Explore the site to learn more about Enduro's pipeline services!

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