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Flow-Cal completes ALNG pipeline project

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Flow-Cal, Inc., the market leader in measurement data management for natural gas and petroleum liquids, recently completed a project for Angola LNG at Soyo in northern Angola. FLOWCAL Enterprise and TESTit are used to track and manage ALNG’s gas delivery on their extensive pipeline network of over 500 km from offshore oilfields to the processing and liquefaction plant in Soyo.

Flow-Cal completes ALNG pipeline project

ALNG first selected the FLOWCAL Enterprise and TESTit applications while the Soyo LNG facility was still under construction. Now with the plant fully operational, a senior technical consultant from Flow-Cal’s professional services team traveled to Angola to complete site acceptance testing, as well as provide onsite consulting services and application training for the measurement team.

“Angola LNG understands the importance of accurate measurement for LNG tracking,” says Michael Squyres, Flow-Cal’s President. “Flow-Cal’s applications can handle the challenge of balancing a system while transitioning between a natural gas pipeline and an LNG vessel.”

FLOWCAL Enterprise is used throughout the industry to validate, balance, store, and report gas and liquid measurement data. FLOWCAL Enterprise was developed as a corporate solution for the most demanding system requirements, minimising the efforts of managing a complex measurement department.

Flow-Cal’s TESTit application provides an advanced progression of automation tools which manage gas and liquid meter inspection and calibration results, testing and sample schedules, and conduct field calculations for flowrate and equipment sizing.

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