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Concretely Visionary monograph from Laurini

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On Friday 14 October at the Council Room of Busseto (Parma) City Hall, the official presentation was held for the company monograph of Laurini Officine Meccaniche, an important business that has brought Italian excellence to pipelines across the world.

Concretely Visionary monograph from Laurini

The meeting hall was packed when the Mayor, Giancarlo Contini, welcomed the guests and expressed his gratitude to the company and its President, Marco Laurini, because occasions like this are “an example of how the institutions and enterprises can work together to improve the area and promote cultural initiatives. In fact, Laurini Officine Meccaniche sponsored the Verdi Festival 2016.”

The Mayor also said that “only such a solid company, born of the experience and genius of Lodovico Laurini here in Busseto, and handed down to his son, Marco, could develop and build perfect machines that no one has ever thought of before. The strength of Laurini lies in the advanced technology with which it has always expressed its business philosophy.”

After the Mayor, the Councilor for Productive Activities, Youth Activities and Relations with the Surrounding Communities, Marzia Marchesi, addressed the audience, defining Laurini Officine Meccaniche “as a real glory of the area, a company that consists of teams of workers similar to a family where its members grow and share, with a strong focus on the value of the individual, especially the young. Laurini Officine Meccaniche recently inaugurated a recreation area for its employees where they can take a break that is also an aid to team building and the establishment of strong bonds.”

The President of Laurini Officine Meccaniche, Marco Laurini, kindly thanked all the guests for their participation and stressed the importance of the monographic work for his company, but also for the entire district.

“Concretely Visionary is a monographic volume that tells the story of our company, but particularly of our philosophy and the profound bond that links us to Busseto. Parma is a zone of Italian excellence, known throughout the world, distinguished in every field with many successful districts, such as the mechanical district. In the 60s, within a radius of 40 km, the four most important Italian pipeline companies were all founded here - Saipem, Bonatti, Sicim, Ghizzoni – innovative companies with strong international ties.”

After narrating an amusing little anecdote about the start of his activity, Marco Laurini concluded by saying: “We invest constantly in innovation and in the future, and I think young people are our future. If we give them the right tools, show confidence in them and let them take responsibility, they can do better than us.”

The presentation concluded with the distribution to the guests of a free copy of the prestigious volume and a rich reception with entertainment, featuring the noted soprano, Ariadne Greif.

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