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API covers KXL

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A majority of US voters of all political persuasions agreed that the years of Keystone XL pipeline delay have hurt our energy security and economy, according to a new poll conducted for API by Harris Poll.

Energy and the economy

API Downstream Operations Senior Manager, Refining and Oil Sands Cindy Schild outlined the poll results for reporters: “As we mark seven years since the initial permit application was filed for the Keystone pipeline, 67% of American voters said failure to act on KXL has hurt the economy and energy security. 68% support building the project and 66% are more likely to support a candidate who supports approving Keystone.”

Missed opportunities?

“Delaying the pipeline continues to be a missed opportunity for the thousands of hard-working men and women in the labour industry. The 42 000 jobs and the US$2 billion in wages that could be made building Keystone remain out of their reach because this president refuses to make the right decision.”

Safety and the environment

He continued: “five administration’s reviews have determined the project to be safe and environmentally sound, yet the administration has turned its back on our closest ally and trading partner in favour of professional activists who are advocating a ‘leave it in the ground’ approach to energy. It is ironic that the US would strike a deal to allow Iranian crude onto the global market while refusing to give our closest trading partner, Canada, the most efficient access to US refineries. This foot dragging is an assault on American workers. It’s politics at its worst.”

The poll

The nationwide telephone poll, conducted by Harris Poll, among 907 registered voters also found that:

  • 83% believe a president should not have the sole power to decide national energy infrastructure projects.
  • 79% believe US foreign policy should support Canadian oil at least as much as Iranian oil.
  • 78% believe building Keystone XL would help create jobs in the US and keep energy dollars here in North America.

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