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NWT proposes potential Arctic oil pipeline

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Canada's Northwest Territories government has recently been discussing the possibility of an Arctic crude oil pipeline route.

David Ramsay, the territory's Minister of Industry, has stated that the pipeline is one alternative to the shipping of crude oil to the east, south, and west, due to the delays of the other pipelines.

The other pipelines

The TransCanada's Keystone XL oil pipeline – travelling from Canada to Nebraska – has been delayed for almost seven years. The Energy East pipeline, which carries oil to Atlantic Canada, has also been delayed, for two years. And Enbridge, which has a permit for the construction of the Northern Gateway pipeline through British Columbia, has not yet decided to begin building.

Canada and the US

These delays have caused problems between the US and Canada. The hindrance of the Keystone XL pipeline has been the main cause; Canada requires an infrastructure to be in place in order to export its oil production, which is an issue, since Canada relies on the US for 97% of its energy exports.

Comments from Ramsay

Though Ramsay did not disclose the companies with whom he met with regarding the pipeline, he stated: "we'll see where it all goes, but right now you don't see too much happening in the way of Keystone or Energy East or Northern Gateway… the north may, in fact, at some point be a viable option."

Edited from Alaska Dispatch News, CBC News, and Calgary Herald, by Stephanie Roker

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