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Siemens to feature range of solutions at ONS 2018

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As companies come together to discuss innovation and how to redefine themselves in this digital environment, Siemens will focus on Topsides 4.0, cybersecurity, subsea power, and energy storage solutions at the upcoming Offshore Northern Seas (ONS) trade fair, 27 - 30 August in Stavanger, Norway, Booth #2550. Visitors to Siemens’ booth will see how the company is pushing the boundaries of innovation and exploring new ways in which electrification, automation, and digital solutions can help make its customers’ operations faster, safer, more efficient, predictable and reliable.

When it comes to machinery applications for offshore assets, Siemens uses digital technologies to significantly reduce the delivery time of long-lead items such as rotating equipment. Siemens has the industry’s largest installed base of rotating equipment (compressors; steam and gas turbines) and provides aftermarket support through its extensive worldwide services network. Also a major supplier of motors and drives, Siemens offers an array of technology choices from a single supplier or with trusted partners. With a broad spectrum of innovative products and services, Siemens is a leading global service provider of rotating equipment within the oil and gas and the industrial processing industries.

The subsea future is electric

Siemens is in the final stages of qualifying its Subsea Power Grid. This modular, flexible power distribution system is designed to facilitate decentralised distribution of power to subsea processing equipment. This ground-breaking technology represents a radical departure from more conventional approaches to subsea power distribution. By facilitating large-scale subsea processing and extended tieback distances, Siemens Subsea Power Grid holds the potential to make previously unrecoverable hydrocarbon resources economically feasible.

In support of the industry’s shift towards a digital oil and gas field and all-electric production systems of the future, Siemens developed the Subsea DigiGRID® which is an open architecture infrastructure and communication platform facilitating all-electric control systems. The system is modular, standardised and builds upon proven Siemens topside technology. Combined, the Subsea Power Grid and the Subsea DigiGRID can significantly reduce topsides and umbilical costs in field design for new fields or in tieback projects. Find out from Siemens experts in Booth #2550 how open framework, all-electric systems will facilitate flexible digitalisation and automation solutions to the subsea industry.

Featured products and solutions at ONS include:

  • BlueVault™ energy storage solutions: clean, reliable power offshore During ONS, Siemens will feature its advanced lithium-ion battery-based solution. Known as BlueVault, this energy storage solution is suited for both all-electric and hybrid energy-storage applications to help ensure continuity of power and to minimise carbon dioxide emissions. The battery is designed to maximise life, performance and safety. Later this year, Siemens will open a fully robotised and digitalised plant in Trondheim, Norway that will develop and manufacture energy storage technologies for both marine and offshore oil and gas applications.

  • Powering offshore oil and gas installations from shore In many cases, supplying offshore oil and gas installations with electricity generated onshore is considered an economical means to reduce the carbon footprint of oil and gas production. Advantages of onshore power generation include lower maintenance costs and significantly lower environmental impacts through more efficient use of resources. HVAC solutions are typically selected for shorter ranges and lower power requirements; however, Siemens is working with customers to extend the range. For longer step outs/larger power requirements, Siemens’ HVDC solution offers higher efficiency, reduced power loss, and a smaller space and weight footprint. Siemens has also developed a cost-effective MVDC solution for lower power, shorter range requirements.

Siemens has supported various offshore grid access projects in recent years. In fact, HVAC and HVDC offshore grid connections have proven their reliability in the field and maximum availability all over the world, even in the harshest climates. For example, on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, Siemens delivered HVAC-based power from shore for major offshore projects including Goliat and Martin Linge – the world’s longest AC submarine cable supplying an offshore oil and gas platform. Siemens is a major player in HVDC globally and has taken a significant step into the Norwegian offshore market, where it will deliver an HVDC solution to Johan Sverdrup Phase II.


Over the last ten years, Siemens invested more than US$8.5 billion to make digitalisation a core part of its business and to help customers improve business performance. Earlier this year, Siemens and Secure-NOK signed a partnership agreement to integrate new cybersecurity solutions within the Ruggedcom portfolio of rugged network components which will supplement Siemens’ Industrial Security portfolio. Secure-NOK offers SNOK™, a scalable, distributed, small data solution designed to perform local detection of malware, espionage, sabotage and other harmful cyber-events.

Keynote Panels

  • Surfing the Digital Wave

Dr. Juergen Brandes, CEO Process Industries and Drives; Tuesday 28 August, 2 pm - 4pm, Clarion Hotel Energy.

  • 100% cyber secure – Is it utopia?

Leo Simonovich, VP Industrial Cyber & Digital Security; Wednesday 29 August, 10 am - 12 pm, Clarion Hotel Energy.

Technical Papers

  • Industrial automation and next generation subsea control

Karstein Berge Kristiansen, Product Key Expert; Tuesday 28 August 1 pm - 3 pm, Hall 10.

  • Fully integrated digital lifecycle approach

Edmund H. Knutsen, Product Manager Digitalisation; Wednesday 29 August 10 am - 12 pm, Hall 10.

  • Subsea power grid; now ready for installation

Bjørn Rasch, Head of FEED & Concept Development; Wednesday 29 August 1 pm - 3 pm, Hall 10.

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