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New CEO for Flowrox

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Flowrox – Lappeenranta, Finland – is a global leader in the heavy-duty industrial valve manufacturing and services industry. It is introducing Jukka Koskela as its new CEO – a seasoned professional with the knowledge and expertise to lead the company into new avenues of growth and prosperity.

Following a successful career in the energy industry spanning over five years, Koskela brings to Flowrox a wealth of experience and knowledge in global product management, along with a strong reputation for delivering results.

In his first month at Flowrox Oy’s headquarters, Koskela has already taken the reigns and is running full-steam ahead, communicating across the organisation to understand the culture that defines it as a premier valve, pump, systems, and instrumentation manufacturer.

Over the years, Flowrox has developed solutions that address general needs in industries where flow process is an important element of their operation, such as the mining industry, but has also adapted products to the needs of niche customers, from OEM to aftermarket engineering companies.

Currently, Flowrox products cover a wide variety of applications to include the minerals and metallurgy, oil and gas, power plant, pulp and paper, and municipal wastewater industries, but growth may come from exploring extended applications in other sectors.

Comments from Koskela

“The industries we serve are in a constant state of change, and Flowrox will always be leading the way to create solutions that meet their needs,” said Koskela. “To remain competitive, we must be looking ahead to identify opportunities and challenges before they become a concern.”

With an ambitious vision to achieve a revenue goal of €100 million before the end of the decade, Koskela knows that results can only come from innovation and dedication across the entire organisation, and he will be engaging Flowrox at all levels to help the company attain it.

As an advocate of sales and tools to support business development efforts, he believes in the implementation of technology to enhance the way Flowrox employees deliver value to customers around the globe.

Koskela also sees the opportunity to grow Flowrox’s influence using new communication channels, since connecting in the digital environment has become paramount in industrial marketing and business development efforts.

Understanding the market is imperative for Flowrox and Koskela’s background, particularly in bringing new ideas for product development and increased market segmentation.

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