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Tracerco wins another industry award

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Tracerco, part of the Johnson Matthey Plc., provides specialised detection, diagnostic and measurement solutions to the oil and gas industry. Its Discovery™ is the first subsea CT scanner for pipelines and has won its fourth industry award in an 18-month period, winning the Underwater Technology Foundation (UTF) subsea project award.

Underwater Technology Foundation subsea project award

Held this year in Bergen, Norway, the UTF award programme is open to both intra- and inter-companies for operational subsea projects and it is designed to recognise both proven successful solutions to subsea industry challenges and excellent project execution, increased efficiency and global commercial potential.

Discovery was recognised for its proven technology, potential and value to operators, IRM companies and suppliers. The award was presented to Tracerco in June.

Delivering significant cost savings

Discovery removes the need to interrupt production since it gains accurate CT images of pipe conditions and the nature of its contents by scanning the outside of pipelines. Discovery provides data on flow assurance issues and pipeline integrity, including pipe-in-pipe and bundle systems, with defect resolution down to 1mm. It delivers significant cost savings in inspection campaigns for both flow assurance and pipeline integrity and additional savings are achieved due to inspections taking place whilst the pipeline is fully operational. Since operators do not incur any interruption to production, there is no subsequent loss in revenue.

Furthermore, with regard to realising low risk and cost effectiveness for flow assurance projects Discovery can provide important information for planning flow remediation campaigns. The information allows operators to distinguish between various restrictions – such as wax, asphaltene, scale or hydrate. This data is invaluable in selecting the most effective approach to remediation, saving time and money spent on ineffectual techniques.

Eliminating operational risks of conventional techniques

Paul Featonby, Technology Manager at Tracerco, said: “It’s a real honour to receive this inaugural award from the industry. We are delighted to be able to introduce an innovative new technology, which brings a cost effective solution, eliminates the operational risks of conventional techniques and provides reliable, accurate information to enable operators in their decision making.”

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