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Georgia accuses Russia of occupying 1.5 km of oil pipeline

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Russia has grabbed a 1.5 km slice of a critical oil export pipeline in Georgia for the separatist territory of South Ossetia.

Russian troops have marked off another section of land in the disputed Georgia-controlled territory of South Ossetia, and the area of land includes a section of oil pipeline.

After Russia officially recognised South Ossetia’s independence from Georgia in 2008, Russian troops have guarded the land’s claim to sovereignty and, by extension, its allegiance to Moscow, and have put up fences and demarcation signage in the area.

This latest takeover has annexed a segment of a BP-operated pipeline and is inching toward Georgia’s main East-West highway.

Stretching from Azerbaijan’s Caspian Sea shore to Georgia’s Black Sea coast, the Western Route Export pipeline has a capacity of 100 000 bbls/yr of oil. It is second in size to the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline.

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Sources: EurasianetThe Moscow TimesIB Times

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