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NEB makes Energy East and Eastern Mainline decisions

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The National Energy Board (NEB) has issued two decisions to address motions before a panel that are hearing the Energy East and Eastern Mainline Project applications.

The NEB’s decisions come after participants were given the opportunity to file comments on the issues raised in the motions, which raise issues with meetings that were held in Québec in early 2015.

The first decision deals with the request to adjourn the proceedings and with the request for recusal of each of the three members on the panel.

All three panel members have decided to recuse themselves in order to preserve the integrity of the NEB and the Energy East and Eastern Mainline Review. The Energy East and Eastern Mainline hearing is adjourned until a new panel is appointed. Once a new panel is appointed, review of the two project applications will proceed.

The Chair and Vice-Chair will also recuse themselves from the limited and specific administrative duties they have in relation to the two applications at issue. They are doing so because they understand that their participation in these meetings may have created an apprehension of bias, which could undermine the integrity and the credibility of the board's decision making process.

They note that new panel members must not only be free of apprehension of bias but also be proficient in both official languages.

The second decision addresses the requests for staff who attended the meetings to be removed, for the publication of information about the meetings and for the newly assigned panel to hold an inquiry into the meetings.

Adapted from press release by Anna Nicklin

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