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T.D. Williamson announces record ILI pipeline completions

World Pipelines,

T.D. Williamson (TDW), a global provider of pipeline services and equipment, has announced that it has surpassed all previous company records for completion of inline inspection (ILI) operations in Austria. During each of the past three years, the company has completed dozens of ILI jobs for Austrian customers, making the company the leading provider of these services in the country.

Dependability and versatility

TDW has carried out ILI operations for every major operator on pipeline networks throughout Austria. For example, inspections have been completed on one of the KELAG Netz GmbH natural gas grid pipelines in Kärnten, on pipelines in Niederösterreich, Oberösterreich, and at the 7 Fields natural gas underground storage facility. The majority of these operations involved monitoring pipeline conditions that identify critical areas in need of maintenance or repair. TDW offers a wide range of ILI services, including cleaning, pig tracking, geometry inspections, and trap installation. Expert support is provided by the TDW project management team in Germany, and tools from its base in the UK. The wide range of expertise and technology that TDW can call upon explains why the company has been so successful in Austria.

TDW personnel use a variety of inspection technologies, which have proven to be very effective. Central to its approach to integrity assessment is magnetic flux leakage (MFL) technology. This system uses magnets to saturate the pipe wall in the axial direction and sensors oriented in the field to detect ‘leakage’ indicative of metal loss. MFL is the most widely used ILI technology in the world for metal loss and detection of other volumetric anomalies. TDW also uses its 48 in. KALIPER® 360 tool to reveal physical anomalies and geometry in the pipeline. 

In many cases, the customer’s desire for a programme of regular inspection has meant that an ongoing relationship with TDW has been forged. “The wide range of ILI services that TDW can provide is extremely important to our customers in Austria,” said Mark Sim, General Manager – North Europe for TDW. “The fact that we respond immediately to provide our customers in Austria with hot tap and STOPPLE® plugging isolation services on a standby basis also adds great value. We take great pleasure in making our customers happy.”

Bernhard Anderiasch, DI - Asset Management Erdgas for KELAG, is one of those happy customers. “We are delighted with the service provided by TDW and its ability to respond quickly and professionally to every one of our inspection needs,” said Anderiasch.

Bright future in Austria

“There is every reason to believe that since pipeline operators’ concern for safety and pipeline integrity is likely to increase, demand for our inline inspection services will continue to rise,” said Sim. This is a classic success story. Our customers express a need. We respond to that need quickly, professionally and efficiently, saving them money. It’s as simple as that.” 

The success in Austria mirrors the company’s experience around the world. TDW attributes the increase in inspection operations to a number of factors. “What we’re seeing is an increased dedication to safety by pipeline operators, as is evidenced by the rise in the number of ILI operations,” said Sim. “The fact that TDW can provide such a wide range of inspection services to suit nearly any kind of pipeline means that we have become the preferred provider for those operators looking for an efficient, dependable solution to their needs.”

Adapted from press release by Cecilia Rehn.

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