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Nigerian troops disarm dynamite on pipeline

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The most recent in a series of blasts in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria took place yesterday (8 November). Nigeria’s state-run oil firm that feeds the Forcados terminal in the southern Niger Delta energy hub operates the pipeline that has been attacked.

The explosion occurred while the pipeline was being repaired as a result of an attack last week, Garba Deen Muhammad, an NNPC spokesman, said. "Militants bombed major contractors' equipment at Eresigbene along the Trans Forcados pipeline," he said.

At approximately the same time as last week’s attack, community leaders from the region met the President to request that he pulls the army out of the energy hub and order oil firms to move headquarters there. They hope that this would put an end to militancy in the region.

Last week's attack forced closure of the Trans Forcados pipeline, the main contributor to the Forcados crude stream. This cut the OPEC member's oil production by at least 200 000 bpd.

A community leader is reported by abc News to have said that Nigerian security forces are attempting to disarm explosives that have been planted on a state-owned oil pipeline, which has already been attacked by militants twice recently.

Dickson Ogugu, Chairman of the Batan community, said that the militants fled the pipeline after a shootout with armed guards. They then dynamited a barge, which sank on Tuesday.

Ogugu noted that the dynamite remains on the pipeline in the southern Niger Delta.

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