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Schneider Electric experts discuss what’s next in the world of SCADA

World Pipelines,

Globally, pipeline growth is rampant. In an effort to keep up with increasing demand, pipelines are being built, reversed and expanded faster than ever. Large pipeline growth is changing the face of SCADA, which continues to evolve to meet increasing security requirements and the need to provide real-time information back to the enterprise.

At the same time, SCADA systems are becoming larger and larger. Pipeline companies worldwide are determined to monitor and control these enterprise systems with a greater number of assets from one, unified place. This trend is becoming more apparent as companies look to specify, validate and monitor system performance. However, this is not a simple task for SCADA, due to its nature, and does not come without challenges.

Accepting the challenge to meet these industry changes in an economic and sustainable way, experts are already achieving these tasks through innovation and technology. During two sessions at ENTELEC, Schneider Electric experts Kelly Doran and Kevin Mackie will discuss how vastly the SCADA industry is changing and how companies can best use the changing SCADA systems.

Kelly Doran will explore emerging industry trends in SCADA and IT technology, along with challenges the industry faces today and in the future. Kevin Mackie, the 2013 and 2014 ENTELEC Silver Scribe Award Winner, will discuss the economic, technical and operational reasons pipeline companies are choosing to operate on a single, integrated enterprise SCADA system.

On 20th May at 1:00 pm, Kevin Mackie will present his Silver Scribe winning presentation: Characterising Performance in Enterprise Pipeline SCADA Systems. At 3:30 pm, Kelly Doran will present his findings on: SCADA of the Future. Both presentations will be given at Room 320B, George R. Brown Convention Centre.

Adapted from press release by Hannah Priestley-Eaton

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