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Klarian launches AI energy solution

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Leading innovator in pipeline technology, Klarian, has released details of its transformative AI solution, that has the potential to dramatically reduce carbon emissions associated with critical national infrastructure.

Klarian launches AI energy solution

The solution takes a hybrid approach to pipeline condition monitoring and anomaly detection by combining physics-based insights with machine learning.

Klarian's pipeline health monitoring software represents a highly innovative development for the pipeline industry, as it can be applied to any pipeline (fuel, oil or water), thereby reducing the energy needed to deliver resources that people use on a day-to-day basis.

With COP28 just gone and the introduction of the Energy Act 2023, the most significant piece of energy legislation in the UK's history, priorities for the energy sector are shifting. With the aim to fully decarbonise the power sector by 2035, the Act recognises the role that the UK's oil and gas sector will play in the transition. Meanwhile, 118 countries have agreed to the Global Pledge on Renewables and Energy Efficiency at COP28. Klarian's energy saving solution aligns seamlessly with the Act's objectives and COP28’s outputs; securing a resilient supply of energy, supporting net-zero goals, and ensuring affordability in the long term. Rob Clegg, Chief Executive Officer from Klarian, said: “With a key focus on the energy transition and the environmental impacts of carbon emissions, pipeline operators are keen to take a smarter and more holistic approach to pipeline health.

“By using intelligent data monitoring, we are able to provide pipeline operators with the necessary insights to make better informed, and potentially more environmentally advantageous, decisions regarding, for example, the efficiency of pumping operations and fuel routes.”

Most recently Klarian has partnered with UK cross country pipeline operator, British Pipeline Agency (BPA), providing quantifiable results in reducing the energy required to supply essential resources to important national infrastructure, including a handful of UK airports. For example, Klarian identified optimal pumping routes for BPA with an average potential energy saving of 18.8%.

John Armstrong, Director and General Manager at BPA, said: "BPA is proud to collaborate with Klarian in our ongoing commitment to advancing the efficiency, safety and sustainability of our pipeline operations.

“The pioneering AI based technology Klarian has developed is very exciting. It has the potential to significantly reduce the impact of pumping operations on the environment and our bottom line.

“For pipeline operators, increasing productivity and profitability are not our only goals. We have a commitment, in the long term, towards reducing carbon emissions and building a sustainable energy future. This is why it is important for us to work with Klarian to examine ways in which their AI platform and technology can help us optimise our systems for both cost and carbon.”

The partnership with BPA is just the beginning for Klarian. The South West based company is challenging all operators to consider carbon intensity as a primary factor in their strategies, a move that could reshape the industry's approach to resource delivery.

Rob Clegg from Klarian continues: “It is critical to maintain pipeline efficiency from the perspectives of operations, environmental impact and cost and, as the world grapples with the urgent challenges of climate change, our technology will afford pipeline operators the opportunity to make more informed decisions that contribute towards a more resilient and eco-friendly energy infrastructure.”

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