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GE Power Conversion launches Connectix

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GE Power Conversion has launched Connectix, bringing together its intuitive digital solutions and expert services into one easy-to-navigate suite of tools.

Announcing the launch Philippe Piron, CEO of GE Power Conversion, said: “Connectix will help to take data analytics to the next level in energy conversion systems. The digital expertise and visualisation technology embedded in this software suite will allow our customers to increase energy efficiency and asset availability, through easier and faster decision-making, creating more value in their daily operations.”

GE’s proven software applications are simplified under three core Connectix modules: Operations+, Maintenance+ and Services+. Customers identify with where they want to make most impact and select a custom mix of tools and applications.

This simple but effective formula is flexible for all sizes of organisation, whatever their current level of digital transformation – start with one app, or a range of advanced solutions. Easy to install and user-friendly, Connectix is about connecting people with their equipment through useful, actionable intelligence and real results.

Its flexibility includes ‘on-prem’ (on-site) and cloud-based data options which, together with expert service solutions, help to optimise operations and energy, and enable predictive maintenance and cyber-secure service solutions.

Operations+ includes Performance, Process and Energy optimisation tools. GE’s development and applications team worked extensively with customers from the earliest days of digital transformation to identify ways in which equipment might not be used as efficiently or effectively as they thought. So Operations+ connects customers with real-time op’s and usage feedback, linked to KPIs, with advisory dashboards helping to make targeted improvements and better configurations. It can help with costs, safety, even environmentally cleaner operations.

“Within a short time of running GE’s Connectix Energy app on one of our vessels we could easily see the vessel was not operating as energy-efficiently as it could be, for example, frequently running more engines than necessary, leading to low-load running. That means burning excess fuel and it’s not ideal for engine health either. GE were able to show this with real-time operational data and give operators simple pointers about how they could adapt so save fuel, lower emissions and protect equipment. This just would not have been possible without the Connectix Energy app.” said Tim Clerc, Vice President of Engineering at SEACOR Marine LLC.

Connectix Maintenance+ is your Asset Performance Management (APM) range of tools, protecting your investment in valuable equipment, helping to improve its availability and keep your operations up and running. With better visibility of asset health, we can provide early warnings of issues, help corrective action to be taken, and move from unplanned to planned maintenance downtime. Catching issues early can avoid the cost and disruption of a downtime or outage situation.

Commenting on the Maintenance+ solutions Tejpreet S. Chopra, Founder and CEO of BLP, said: “GE Power Conversion’s Connectix Visor Solution is one of the most powerful high frequency data IoT devices in the world. We are using Connectix in wind farms for the first time. GE’s Maintenance+ APM analytics, combined with BLP Industry.AI’s experience in advanced analytics to the renewable sector is helping wind farm owners increase generation, machine availability and reduce costs.”

Connectix Services+ module helps to expand the capability and resource of your organisation with a ‘lean’ mindset. It’s about tapping into GE expertise at the point you need it, and includes our Engineering solution for remote monitoring, diagnostics, and cyber services. We know from our customers, many of whom operate in remote locations, that remote support from technical experts is increasingly important to improve responsiveness and even costs.

GE Power Conversion’s deep domain experience, matched with our digital expertise, means we understand applications across marine, energy, process industry and infrastructure sectors.

“We have over 100 years of electrification expertise and a very large installed base of electrical and control assets. We are proud to already have more than 1100+ assets online* using Connectix digital solutions – it’s not just about data, it’s how we transform that into better situational awareness, user-friendly dashboards, and actions to improve operational performance, costs and efficiency” said André Borouchaki, Chief Technology Officer, GE Power Conversion.

Our engineering and software know-how together enable intelligent asset strategies. We build solutions that work for your business model, helping to improve return on the valuable assets your business has invested in.

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