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Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate claims attack

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On 27 November, the Abura pipeline – that transports crude oil to the Otu-Jeremi flow station and the Otorogu gas plant – was attacked by a militant group. Militant group, Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate, has since claimed the attack.

In a statement, Aldo Agbalaja, the militant group’s spokesman claimed that it had carried out the attack at about 4 am on 27 November and “brought down the 42 in. delivery line operated by Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC)/ND Western in Otu-Jeremi”.

Agbalaja stated: “In the last few weeks, we have been silent and observing. The period of silence was definitely not of inactivity. As a matter of fact, it was rather a strategy session, the fruits of which shall start showing up in the coming days.”

The statement added: “The Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate has also observed the calculated psychological attack recently initiated by the Nigerian security forces against our people, believing that by pursuing and arresting our people, the struggle will be defeated and our resolve would be quelled. This will not work because what motivates us is stronger than the Nigerian kind of patriotism. Once again, we proclaim that we shall fight until the last man alive.”

The Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate urged Nigerian authorities to be on guard in what it defined as desperation to get oil to flow unhindered from the region’s soil.

There was no immediate information with regards to the attack’s impact on Nigeria’s oil production. However, Nigeria’s crude production, which was 2.1 million bpd at the start of 2016, fell by approximately one third in the summer following a series of attacks since January by Delta militants. According to Reports Afrique, Nigeria lost over 130 million bbls of crude oil between January and November this year due to the actions of 32 militant groups in the Niger Delta region.

At a recent conference, the Vice Chairman of the Security Subcommittee of the Oil Producers Trade Section of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry highlighted that between January and November 58 instances of sabotage of oil and gas infastrcuture were recorded.

The Niger Delta Greenland Justice Mandate has claimed numerous previous attacks in recent months. Its aim is for the impoverished southern oil-producing region to receive a greater share of the country’s energy wealth.

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