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Seven steps to help you manage EHSQ incidents that could derail your business

Incident reporting does not have to be a pain point for you, which is why it is critical to adopt an incident management system that identifies root causes and near misses.

Any serious loss should be investigated promptly and thoroughly. Such losses also point to deficiencies in the safety management system (SMS) or quality management system (QMS) that need to be corrected. Multiple people/departments in your organisation will have an interest in the outcome of an incident investigation and will possibly play a role in the thorough investigation of incidents.

It is important to remember that loss of any kind impacts an organisation. The suffering of employees and their families, the cost of work-related injuries and equipment loss, liability and lost production time cause concern all the way up to the executive suite.

Intelex offers seven best practices to follow in order to successfully manage incidents. The company's white paper includes guidance for:

  • Before an incident occurs.
  • When an incident occurs.
  • Following an incident.

Download Intelex’s white paper here!


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