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Real Time = Real Value. Inspecting difficult to inspect subsea pipelines

ON DEMAND - Tracerco is a global leader in specialised detection, diagnostic and measurement solutions with over 60 years’ experience in the use of radiation techniques. A broad range of services are offered across the upstream and downstream oil and gas sector. The culmination of Tracerco’s experience and knowledge in the subsea sector is the DiscoveryTM subsea CT scanner for pipeline integrity and flow assurance. CT is a commonly used noninvasive medical diagnostic technique but also has applications in subsea inspection.


In this on demand webinar, Tracerco will discuss example data obtained by DiscoveryTM via global pipeline inspection projects. This will include wall thickness mapping through concrete coatings, piggyback and pipe-in-pipe lines. They will also discuss internal and external corrosion with recent examples of data obtained for clients as well as the dual benefit of our ability to obtain flow assurance data all in the same scan and in real time.

Finally, this presentation will also look at more recent developments in the market such as:

  • Fast screening with real time data to find points of interest.
  • Baseline scanning to allow annual integrity scans on areas of concern.
  • Flow assurance applications in quantifying and characterisation of build ups.

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