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Closures, codes and compliance: The split-code decision

ON DEMAND - Code compliance is never optional. But sometimes, people misinterpret codes, and that can be costly.

In the webinar 'Closures, codes and compliance: The split code decision', Alan Morton of T.D. Williamson explores how a common misinterpretation of an ASME Boiler Pressure and Vessel Code influences pig launcher design—adding unnecessary cost and time that can never be recovered.

During this 45-minute webinar, you will learn about the parts that comprise a pig launcher closure, how you can leverage a split-code design approach to ensure your closure meets all applicable codes, and what to look for when selecting a closure. You’ll also hear how the TDW ProSeries™ Advantage enables the company’s market-leading D2000 closure to fit a wider range of sizes, applications and specifications, all standard.


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