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Pipeline integrity for industrial metropolitans: Managing the urban infrastructure crisis

ON DEMAND - On 31 July 2014, the city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, experienced one of the most catastrophic urban pipeline failures in recent history. The failure, ultimately attributed to post-construction infrastructure interference (third party) initiated many years earlier, resulting in 32 deaths, 321 injuries, countless buildings, and vehicles damaged or destroyed. Latest reports tally ongoing restitution cost now exceed US$1 billion.

In an ongoing struggle to maximise industrial productivity while minimising environmental impact and annexation of additional lands, pre-existing pipelines often find themselves intersecting with new utility corridors, public works developments, and installation of other important structures, all of which were unknown and unplanned for in the initial engineering and design of the pipeline.

During this webinar, Quest Integrity addresses operational issues that arise from post-construction, public and private infrastructure growth on or near pipeline right-of-ways. Future pipeline operations and integrity management programmes in all countries will have to adopt highly diligent monitoring methods to identify, and more importantly, prevent the mechanisms that contribute or lead to product release threats before they occur.


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