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When skills are at a premium, can digitalisation help develop and retain competency?

ON DEMAND - A digitised process can offer a common global level of quality; however, where a proper integrative competency management process is not implemented this can be expected to result in a lowering of the average individual competency portfolio over a longer time period. Digitalisation has the potential to be a both a driver for rapid initial improvement within industry at the risk of the long-term maintenance of competency.

Quality management within the pipeline industry is based on a system of competencies, both individual competencies and corporate competencies. In general, the average age of pipeline engineers is increasing, which can result in loss of specific corporate competencies when transfer of individual competencies and knowledge is not properly managed.

Digitalisation in itself can cause risk in maintaining personal competencies, and ultimately may reduce corporate competency if the risk is not properly recognised early enough.

The authors in this webinar present findings and experience gained as part of implementing the Penspen Digital Future Strategy.

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