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Plausible profiles (Psqr) corrosion assessment model: Improving burst pressure calculation for inline inspection and NDE assessments

ON DEMAND - This webinar presents the Psqr model developed by TC Energy and implemented by Onstream Pipeline Inspection – and how it optimises corrosion management and asset integrity decision-making for pipeline operators. Psqr focuses on improving burst pressure calculation for inline inspection (ILI) and non-destructive examination (NDE) assessments.

For integrity engineers and ILI project managers, being able to accurately determine burst pressure calculations based on NDE measurement can be a challenge. Traditional calculation methods are often not able to accurately reveal the severity of pressure, which over time can lead to excavating anomalies that do not need to be repaired. This results in unnecessary costs, misguided resources, and wasted time.

This webinar details the Psqr method and the ways in which it improves burst pressure calculation in ILI. Applicable to all pipe grades, diameters, and wall thicknesses, this model generates more accurate and precise failure pressures based on ‘plausible profiles’.


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